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HAC Medical is delighted to provide you with multiple, easy and convenient methods to sign up and purchase the EMR package of your choosing. 

Which method would you like to learn about?

Downloading the HAC Medical APP


HAC Medical

This is the fastest method to sign up and purchase your desired EMR package. It is also the easiest way to manage your subscription and billing details thereafter.

  1. Download the HAC Medical App on either the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone or the Google Play Store if you have any Android device.

  2. Sign up as an HAC Medical member by filling in your personal details and creating your password.

  3. Accurately fill in all of your medical details on the following page. Note: After you have signed up, you do not have Emergency Medical Response cover until you purchase an EMR package.

  4. Choose an EMR package, either, Individual, Family or Tourist and complete the check-out steps by selecting your billing length (usually bi-annually or annually) and adding your billing address and card details.

Having issues?

Don't worry! Our team is here to help!

If you have created your account and filled in your medical details but either do not have a card to make online payments or are having issues with the payment process, we can help!

Contact our call centre and explain your issue and we can help you complete the payment process.

You can either make a cash payment at our offices, or a bank transfer and we can activate your subscription from our end. From there you can still manage and control your Membership from the App!

That's it!
You are now an HAC Medical Member

  • What information does HAC require to quote
    For us to efficiently quote, please include the following information: – Date or date range – Number of passengers – Departure location – Destination location – One way or return – Special requirements eg. disabilities / dietary requirements / etc If we require more information we will contact you.
  • Does the plane have a toilet onboard?
    Depending on the model of aircraft scheduled for your flight there may or may not be a toilet onboard.
  • Can I bring my weapons?
    Yes, HAC can provide special handling of all clearance with relevant authorities as well as handling for your flight.
  • Who will meet me at the Airport?
    Our Halsted's Hospitality crew will meet you at the Harare airport and assist you with check in and take you through to the HAC airport lounge while you wait for your flight. At other airports and your destination usually the lodge staff will be there to collect you.
  • Can I bring a hard suitcase?
    Some of the smaller planes do not have sufficient space in the cargo hold for hard suitcases so it is always recommended to pack a soft bag, foldable bag without a hard case or frame. Additional bags can be provided if required.
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