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While our company is multifaceted, our crews and teams work diligently in their respected fields and we pride ourselves on our overall professionalism and quality. Integrity is a key attribute for us here at HAC. We demonstrate this in everything that we do.


Feel free to contact us for any enquiries for private charters and scheduled flights with HAC. Please note that all incoming and outgoing calls to Halsted’s Aviation Corporation are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. By engaging with us on any of the numbers listed, you consent to being recorded for the duration of the phone call.


30 Sandringham Drive, Alex Park, Harare, Zimbabwe


+263 (0) 778 750 086

+263 (0) 783 061 352

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  • What information does HAC require to quote
    For us to efficiently quote, please include the following information: – Date or date range – Number of passengers – Departure location – Destination location – One way or return – Special requirements eg. disabilities / dietary requirements / etc If we require more information we will contact you.
  • Does the plane have a toilet onboard?
    Depending on the model of aircraft scheduled for your flight there may or may not be a toilet onboard.
  • Can I bring my weapons?
    Yes, HAC can provide special handling of all clearance with relevant authorities as well as handling for your flight.
  • Who will meet me at the Airport?
    Our Halsted's Hospitality crew will meet you at the Harare airport and assist you with check in and take you through to the HAC airport lounge while you wait for your flight. At other airports and your destination usually the lodge staff will be there to collect you.
  • Can I bring a hard suitcase?
    Some of the smaller planes do not have sufficient space in the cargo hold for hard suitcases so it is always recommended to pack a soft bag, foldable bag without a hard case or frame. Additional bags can be provided if required.
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