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We are passionate about what we do, and it shows. Each and every flight with HAC is tailored to suit your individual needs in style and comfort with top-notch inflight catering and much more. We take detailed attention to your itinerary and schedule. From the beginning of your trip to the last transfer, HAC will make your journey a smooth, timeous and hassle-free travel experience.



We are committed to the highest international standards of quality, safety and integrity in every aspect of the industry. We do not compromise on the core values that have built this business from its inception: safety and security, accountability, professionalism, customer service, reliability, and our passion to go that extra mile and deliver the very best.

Our Journey So Far



Founded in 2007, Halsted's Aviation Corporation started with a fleet of 4 aircraft which quickly grew into the dozens. 



We always chase the next big upgrade, whether its mechanical, software, crew or training. But in 2010 we were the first agency in Zimbabwe to fit Black hawk conversion kits on our aircraft.


James Halsted

James Robert Halsted is the Managing Director of Halsted’s Aviation Corporation (HAC). At 44 years of age, James has successfully built an outstanding organisation that sits proudly at the top of the aviation industry in southern Africa.


As a former pilot himself, James knows the private charter business thoroughly, and his experience and commitment to provide the ultimate service is evident in everything he does. HAC is internationally accredited by Eurami and IAG. Halsted's Aviation Corporation maintains rigorous standards in compliance with regulations and standards set forth by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe.


A graduate of Falcon College in Zimbabwe and Stellenbosch University in South Africa, James brings his business prowess, personable charm, impeccable manners and good-natured wit to the table, literally. He is always accessible to any and all employees and encourages and rewards them respectfully.


James also brings his fabulous tenor voice to the table! He loves to play, sing and share music any chance he can get. He is a true family man and a leader of society. James is also committed to conservation and corporate social responsibility activities, which are achieved through his nature conservancy in Devil’s Gorge in the Binga district of Zimbabwe.


“At HAC, we have achieved our successful status as a result of our esteemed crew and members of staff, who continue to make us proud to fly the HAC name. We remain, as always, committed to safety and compliance and strive to maintain our reputation as a leading aviation organisation in southern Africa. I am so honoured to sit at the top of such a dignified group.”


- James Halsted, Managing Director

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