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Book your spot for the best way to

fly under the African sky.


It's all about service

Halsted’s Aviation Company is committed to the highest international standards of quality, safety and integrity in every aspect of the industry. We do not compromise on the core values that have built this business from its inception: safety and security, accountability, professionalism, customer service, reliability, and our passion to go that extra mile and deliver the best.


The Caravan Way

The Grand Caravan is in a class of its own when it comes to safari bush operations. Its versatility means that it has become the backbone of our fleet traveling far and with larger groups, HAC provides a comfortable trip to almost any runway and bush landing strip. The Caravan Way is the definitive way to experience the African skies.

The finest flying experience

No matter your mode of flight, each area of our expertise is carefully crafted to provide the best.

People walking to HAC private charter plane on airstrip runway

Our passengers are
our family

It's you we care about, and every flight will feel like we are welcoming you to our family because that's how we treat every patron on every journey.


HAC Medical - for when every second counts

With our EURAMI certification and our range of Emergency Medical Response packages, members can rest assured that you will get international medical evacuation standards across Zimbabwe when it matters most. With our fleet of medically configured King Airs, we also offer ICU transfers internationally.


International Standards

We’re incredibly excited to be participating in the 2024 World Luxury Travel Awards!


Destinations & Partners

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