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Our mission is simple: To offer a private luxury travel solution with reliable access to your destination while placing top value on quality, safety and the highest standards.



Halsted’s Aviation Company (HAC) first took to the African skies in 2007, and since then, we have excelled in the private charter industry to achieve this mission.

As one of the largest charter operators in southern Africa, we service many business sectors that range from private safari excursions, corporate business trips, scheduled flights, scenic flights and emergency medical evacuation services. We have the honour of owning and operating Zimbabwe’s first registered Air Ambulance with Medical Air Rescue Services, as well as performing the country’s first ever Blackhawk conversion on a King Air aircraft.

Our fleet includes an impressive variety of the Hawker Beechcraft range of King Air aircraft, Grand Caravans and Bell LongRanger helicopters.


At HAC, we take pride in offering a luxury alternative to air travel that specialises in making the client’s journey smooth and effortless. We invite you to let HAC put peace of mind and pleasure back into your flying experience.

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