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Quality Assurance

The guarantee of exemplary service standard is our pledge to you.

In continuing our dedication to provide a safe, secure, consistent delivery and customer orientated service offering, HAC only employ the industry’s best and most qualified aircrew, maintenance and staff, amongst whom we instil a culture of stringent safety, quality and superior service ethos.

HAC is actively involved in the implementation of safety and quality assurance management programmes which enable the maintenance of high levels of performance, safety and service delivery at all times.

All employees are accountable for the achievement of these standards and apply the following principles in order to meet the defined mission statement:

  • Regularly monitoring safety performance against measurable targets with continuous feedback and improvement of all safety systems.
  • To consistently implement proactive (hazard reports, safety audits) and reactive (incident and accident investigation) measures to identify, analyze, reduce and prevent risk within the company.
  • Regularly monitoring safety performance against measurable targets with continuous feedback and improvement of all safety systems.

While striving to achieve the defined objectives, HAC observes and adopts all applicable legal requirements, international standards and best practices from across the industry.

HAC considers themselves a leader in terms of private charter quality assurance management in Southern Africa and endeavours to proactively improve all of our quality assurance and safety procedures on an ongoing basis. These include:

Safety Procedures Manual and Training

We have developed a Safety Procedures Manual which includes a thorough Emergency Response Plan which all staff are required to refer to and be fully trained up on. This manual is updated annually and all staff are tested on their knowledge bi-annually. We also maintain extensive records of hazard identification and risk mitigation and attend regular Safety Seminars and course training.

Satellite Tracking

Aircraft are tracked throughout their journey via satellite tracking and we maintain contact with pilots via satellite telephone and roaming cell phones.

Internal Quality Assurance Program and Audits

We follow a strict Quality Assurance Program and conduct monthly internal audits on all aspects of our quality assurance to ensure we are adhering to our best practice targets.

External Quality Assurance Audits
Our quality assurance procedures and adherence are also audited by the most respected industry bodies to ensure we are ahead of industry requirements.
External Industry Accreditation

Our stringent internal procedures and measures have ensured that we have earned accreditation with those industry bodies with the very highest aviation standards.

Private and Corporate Charter Services

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