Private and Corporate Charter Services

Company Culture

The client has our allegiance. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Safety & Security First

HAC is fiercely dedicated to the safety, security and overall wellbeing of both our clients and our employees. It is our first priority. No exceptions. No compromises.

Customer Service

HAC is committed to service excellence. We stand by the belief that every customer deserves the very best service. The first time and every time.


HAC knows that you only get one chance to make a good impression. We do everything to get the client where they need to be. Efficiently and on time.


HAC staff share a common goal. To maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times, across all levels of the organization and integrated entities.


HAC is a company with integrity. We demonstrate this in everything that we do. The client has our allegiance. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Our dedication and passion for aeronautics is second-to-none. HAC strives to transfer this enthusiasm by showing clients the authenticity of Africa from the sky.


HAC ensures the application of quality assurance in all areas of our operation. From the office to aircraft, the guarantee of exemplary quality standards is our pledge to you.