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Aerial Conservation

Working together to protect our wildlife

The on-going socio-economic crisis in Southern Africa has presented critical challenges in maintaining conservation integrity and the continuity of wildlife protection efforts on the ground, both in Public and Private Reserves across the continent.

In an effort to reduce the growth of these challenges and assist in the continuation of wildlife protection efforts across Southern Africa, HAC has expanded their portfolio to provide an Aerial Conservation service capability. We are able to assist with game counts, captures and general aerial surveys within our Aerial Conservation arm.

The most notable impact that can be provided by an aerial platform is 1) the ground that can be covered, 2) the results that can be achieved and 3) the timeframe in which these results can be reported.

Should you require Aerial Conservation within your business and / or community, we would be very pleased to work with you in providing this service offering.

Should you like to donate flying time towards the continuation of wildlife protection efforts across Southern Africa, please also contact us as we work with The Tashinga Initiative in this regard. The Tashinga Initiative is a Wildlife Protection Project and is implemented through its 501(c)3 USA Foundation, also through its UK Registered Charity partner, Conservation Zambezi (www.conservation-zambezi.org).